Laser Training – Aesthetic Lectures

Laser Training

As one of several “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation” courses, this course is designed with a 4 to 40 hours curriculum. It focuses on the role of the practitioner, no matter the facility type or work environment. The courses include a didactic curriculum discussing patient assessment, treatment protocols, and energy device information. Courses also include post treatment care and management of side effects for the use of cosmetic devices for hair removal, tattoo removal, treatment of acne, vessel and pigment removal, ablative and non-ablative facial rejuvenation, and body contouring.

Administrative Controls

Energy-based devices administrative controls are discussed for compliance purposes. Included are safety policies, protocols, facility audits, risk assessment and review of beam and non-beam hazards. These courses are designed so that the attendee can comply with federal and state regulations along with non-governmental controls. The content of these laser training classes can be customized for your particular facility and type of energy systems used.

Picture of Patti Owens in the Aesthetic laser training environment

Lecture 1 – 32 Contact Hours